Many celebrities invest in a whole ton of procedures in order to make themselves look beautiful, from plastic surgery to hair transplants. However, one of the most popular has to be cosmetic dentistry. Below you’ll find perfect celebrity smiles, which are only perfect due to cosmetic dentistry. We’ve even included some before and after pictures for you, too!

Cosmetic dentistry is a popular way to perfect a number of imperfections and give everyone a more perfect set of teeth. If you have problems with your teeth and you want a celebrity smile, consider the procedures that these celebrities had in order to give them their perfect choppers.
See the biggest changes in celebrity teeth before and after and you’ll know with perfect smile didn’t come naturally and which celebs vastly improved their teeth with the help of a good dentist.  
Celebrities flash their beautiful smiles at every chance and many have no idea just what these celebrities paid for these perfect smiles.