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15 JAN 2018
Listen When Your Tongue Talks
How often do you notice your tongue? You use it everyday – to speak and to eat – but are you taking care of it?
08 JAN 2018
Can Homework Affect Students Teeth
This may seem like a silly question, but being in the dental industry, it’s something we like to explore. Can too much homework be bad for students’ teeth?
03 JAN 2018
How to Find Out How Much Your Dental Visit Will Cost
Can I see what I’m going to pay at the dentist before my visit?
29 DEC 2017
How to Protect Your Teeth During The Holidays
Everyone loves the holidays…except your teeth.
25 DEC 2017
Dental Ideas for Your New Year’s Resolutions
With the start of the new year in just a few days, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about those New Year’s resolutions.
11 DEC 2017
10 Dental-Related Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Kids
It may seem silly to think about dental-related stocking stuffers, but below you’ll find some great dental product ideas that your kids will not only find fun but practical, too.
04 DEC 2017
Tips for Enjoying the Holiday and Protecting Your Teeth
Despite the holidays being bad for your dental health, there are many ways to still enjoy the holiday while protecting your teeth. We’ve mentioned some already, but here are a few more.
27 NOV 2017
The Holidays Are the Worst Time for Your Teeth
Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner! With the holiday season in full swing, the one question on our mind has been: “What does this mean for our teeth?”
24 NOV 2017
Pumpkin and Your Dental Health
Pumpkin can actually be really great for your oral health
20 NOV 2017
8 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists
Is your child scared of going to the dentist? Follow this advice to help your little one relax before the next dental check-up.
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