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08 AUG 2016
Top 10 Myths About Root Canals
People seem to cringe when they hear the words root canal. I know that I used to. But reading the truth about these 10 root canal myths can help you get a better sense of what having a root canal really is all about.
01 AUG 2016
Top 5 Foods to Prevent Bad Breath
Bad breath results from two key issues: oral hygiene and gastrointestinal health. Basically this means that breath odors originate not just inside the mouth but also from your digestive tract.
25 JUL 2016
Some Interesting Facts About Dreams
The most common dream for people to have is that of Teeth Falling Out
18 JUL 2016
11 Interesting Facts About Teeth
Everyone knows the main functions of teeth and the jobs they do for us. They help us eat, chew, talk, and most importantly SMILE!
11 JUL 2016
Quick Tips to Keep Your Smile Looking Great All Day Long
If you spend a lot of time talking to people – whether clients, customers, or coworkers – you know just how important it is to make the right impression.
04 JUL 2016
Tips for a Photogenic Smile
Personal photos are a very popular source that many persons utilize to archive their most memorable life events.
30 JUN 2016
6 Reasons to Smile More
Smiling does more than show others your mood. A smile can exemplify gratefulness, happiness and emotions that are sometimes unreachable by solely using words.
29 JUN 2016
10 Fun Facts about Teeth
We all know our teeth are important for eating, talking, and smiling, but most often we overlook how cool teeth can be. Read these ten fun facts to learn how special your teeth are!
22 JUN 2016
Green Tea May Strengthen Your Teeth
Researchers suspect antimicrobial molecules contained within green tea helps preserve teeth (as long as you don't add sugar).
15 JUN 2016
Sports and Activities
Mouthguards aren't just for adults!
Remember to add a mouthguard for each child to your list of school supplies. Protecting your child's head, jaw and teeth, even for seemingly non-contact sports, is very important.
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