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01 OCT 2015
6 Unexpected Ways to Use Baking Soda
Baking soda isn’t just for cooking and cleaning. It also has many health benefits, like relieving heartburn when added to water and soothing irritated bug bites and psoriasis flare-ups when applied to the affected area.
28 SEP 2015
Malocclusion could be prevented by exclusive breastfeeding
A number of studies have demonstrated that breastfeeding has long-lasting health effects throughout life, including dental development and susceptibility to oral diseases. Now, research conducted at the University of Adelaide has provided new evidence that breastfeeding may protect against malocclusions in children.
21 SEP 2015
Breakfast people have better breath
Tongue coating and insufficient oral hygiene, such as irregular tongue scraping, are among the primary reasons for oral malodour. Now, a study of 665 adolescents in Japan has found that skipping breakfast equally contributes to the development of bad breath.
14 SEP 2015
The Tooth-Friendly Diet
What you eat affects your mouth not only by building healthier teeth and gums, but also by helping prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Learn how to eat the best diet for your teeth, including the foods to eat, beverages to drink, and what to avoid.
08 SEP 2015
Vitamin D during pregnancy may lower infant caries risk
Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with bone defects by a number of studies. New research from Japan has now provided additional evidence that it may also be involved in the development of tooth decay. In a study of 1,210 Japanese mother–child pairs, scientists found that dental caries was less prevalent in children whose mothers had a higher vitamin D intake during pregnancy.
07 SEP 2015
WDS Laboratory introduces this R.O.C.S.® Sensation Whitening toothpaste, which effectively whitens stained teeth, strengthens the enamel and restores its clean and healthy appearance and helps prevent formation of plaque and pigmentation.
31 AUG 2015
Bacteria-Causing Gum Disease May Lead to Oral Cancer Growth
Fatty acids from bacteria present in gum disease may cause Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS)-related lesions and tumors in the mouth.
24 AUG 2015
Oral Hygiene and Your Overall Health
Poor oral health has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. But by changing certain habits, you can improve the health of your mouth and teeth and lessen your risk.
17 AUG 2015
What should I do if I have bad breath?
Bad breath (halitosis) can be an unpleasant and embarrassing condition. Many of us may not realize that we have bad breath but at some point, everyone has had it. It is especially common in the morning or after eating poignant food.
10 AUG 2015
Understanding Tooth Sensitivity and How To Treat It
Do you frequently experience sudden, sharp pain in your teeth when drinking hot beverages such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate, or when eating ice cream, chilled fruit, frozen yogurt or other cold foods?
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