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    Dr. Fedya Yakubiv
Dental Prosthodontist   
The real art is not to create just beautiful teeth, but to create a smile that enhances the features of the face, keeping a beautiful balance in size, color, proportion and angulations of the teeth. These are the factors that not only make a smile unique but actually add longevity to teeth by strengthening the surface of teeth that are continuously exposed to wear, extreme chewing forces and saliva moisture.

Dr Fedya Yakubiv, clinical director of Yakubiv dental clinic in Nicosia recognizes that there are many things a person can do to improve his/her appearance. But a beautiful smile is the most important step to reach that goal. A smile makeover will make you feel younger, healthier, look smarter and be more confident. It will improve your facial expressions, it will improve your personal and social life and it will improve your overall life!

We can offer the perfect solution for teeth that are spaced, crooked, discolored and chipped. Stop covering your mouth or being afraid to smile! If you are ready for a smile makeover that will change your life then Yakubiv Dental Clinic is an excellent choice for you!

Let's do magic!!!


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